Waterloov Gutter Guards

Waterloov Gutter Guards - Effective and Easy to Maintain

We find that our clients are often overwhelmed with the numerous types of gutter covers and leaf guards. Midwest Roofing recommends and is proudly the only dealer in Missouri of Waterloov Gutter Guards, protective gutter systems that not only look great, but work very effectively.

Waterloov Gutter Cover

How Waterloov Gutter Guards Work

Waterloov Guarded WallWhat makes the Waterloov gutter guards work better than other protectors? It’s actually simple: the water receptacles. Let’s walk through the entire process. Rain water flows on the top then down the front of the gutter shield. Where most other gutter covers have solid tops and contain only one long fin, Waterloov has two rows of precise louvers that block debris and collect all the water.

With the advanced swirling process occurring, the small amount of remnants that do happen to sneak past the louvers get drained instead of getting trapped. One added advantage: Waterloov’s guarded wall keeps debris from being blown into the gutter.

How Waterloov Gutter Guards Look

Waterloov gutter cover on gutters

Curb appeal is an important aspect for homeowners to acknowledge, and utilizing a bulky and outdated gutter protector is certainly going to distract from the beauty of your home. Fortunately, our customers find that the appearance of the Waterloov gutter protector complements their home.

Choose the Perfect Color

With the right selection, your Waterloov safeguard will nearly vanish from view. While lighting and angle can affect the color, we recommend going with a somewhat darker color to not only blend better, but age less noticeably. For example: if your roof is black and you want your Waterloov gutter protector to blend well, try bronze instead of black. Rarely is a roof truly pitch black, as the sun tends to lighten your roof over time. If you have white gutters, you probably find that you need to clean your gutters several times a year. As clean as white can look at the beginning, in time, debris and other natural causes will darken them, which is why we don’t often recommend white.

Direct Pipe, End Caps and Trim Boards

Waterloov end capWaterloov is the only product that takes into consideration the escaped water from the higher gutters which destroys and may overshoot the lower roof gutter. How does Waterloov avoid this dilemma? Instead of dumping water from an upper gutter onto a lower roof, which leads to rotting or wearing of the roof, Waterloov installs a direct pipe down the roof which connects to an elbow into the top of the Waterloov panel on the lower gutter.

Waterloov end-caps are uniquely assembled. A flat piece of metal (called a bird shield) is cut to size to fit behind the gutter, connects with the roof, and blocks birds from intruding. A section of the Waterloov panel is cut and fabricated to close off the end of the gutter to keep a clean and professional look. If your gutter stretches beyond your roof and continues onto the trim board, you don’t have to worry about the gutter guard looking incomplete. Waterloov is installed on the whole gutter for a complete look.

Waterloov Gutter Guard Colors

Waterloov cover colors

As stated above, choosing the appropriate color for your new gutter guards is important. Many homeowners have white gutters, which leads to the decision of white gutter guards. Makes sense right? Actually, we’re here to tell you that although high gloss white will stain less than flat white, we still advocate against choosing white. Unfortunately, debris like dirt and tree bits can stain, and those stains will be obvious on white gutter guard panels. Although there are 18+ colors, choose the best option based on these three principles:

  1. Choose a gutter guard color to match your roof. If you have a dark roof, then territone, bronze, black, or dark gray would be a good choice. As an added benefit, dark gutters make it difficult to see any type of debris.
  2. Choose a gutter guard color to match your gutter.
  3. Choose a contrasting gutter guard color.

**Note: Many homeowners with black roofs choose black gutter guards. This isn’t the best option as black roofs after a few years of sun exposure begin to fade, and the black gutter guard can stand out too much. The better choice would be bronze, which would blend in with the aged roof.

Maintaining Your Waterloov Gutter Guard

Since 1989, 85% of Waterloov customers haven’t needed to maintain their gutter guard. For the other 15% who live around a lot of trees where debris is typically washed from the roof and eventually over the louvers, maintenance is needed only once or twice per year. Luckily, Waterloov is the only system where maintenance can be easily accomplished from the ground; no ladders or ruined clothes and will be done and over with in the amount of it takes to walk around your home!

To clean your gutter guard, simply mount a small light weight brush to the end of a telescopic pole, and steadily brush across the louvers with the bristles to knock off any debris. If you do this shortly after a rainfall, the brushing will restore the gutter covers back to their original color and shape.

If you have any trouble with this process or for additional maintenance help, give us a call.

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