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5 Winter Roofing Tips to Help you Avoid Winter Roof Damage

Temperatures are falling and the Farmer's Almanac is supposedly calling for the WORST winter in many years.  That means it's time to go the extra mile to protect your home.  Your roof is an investment in your home and any damage that it incurs could reflect in the value of your home.  

Here are a few tips to protect your home and your roof:

  1. Remove all debris from your roof after strong winds and/or heavy rain.
  2. Make sure your HVAC panels are in place and securely fastened.
  3. Check for ice damming along your gutters and around the roof drains.  Although icicles may be pretty they prevent water flow and can cause damage to your roof.  
  4. Inspect your roof  after strong winds - look for missing shingles, lifted shingles  and look for any displacement of ballast, fascias and sheet metal flashings.
  5. On metal roofing and siding systems, inspect for fastener and panel uplift or distortion.
Midwest Roofing holds many Roofing Certifications. Each Lake of the Ozarks roofing job we do conveys a sense of personal achievement so the quality is unsurpassed.  Call now and get your free inspection and free quote to get started on your new roof.

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