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Get Your Deck Ready for Winter Now

No matter how well-sealed or well-built your wooden deck is, winter can be hard on it. The extreme temperature shifts, snow, and animals looking for a cozy place to spend the season: these all contribute to deck damage that grows if left untreated. Here are 3 easy steps to make sure your deck survives until spring:

low angle view of home deck with railings at sunset

  1. Clean the deck before winter gets started. Washing away algae, moss, and insects that accumulated around or in your deck during warmer seasons is the first step in making sure they don't have all winter to grow. Using the right cleaner also gets rid of mold and mildew without weakening the wood. Experts also recommend using a regular hose and a car brush, instead of a power washer, as a gentler cleaning method.
  2. Add a strong seal. Unless your deck is brand new, the waterproof and weather-resistant sealant might be wearing away. Strip away the previous coat, and add a new finish that protects the wood from moisture. Whether your region faces a lot of snow or just a lot of rain, too much moisture without opportunities to evaporate allows the moisture to leach into the wood, weakening integrity and damaging it further. Take protective measures now.
  3. Regularly clear the deck of snow and debris. Falling autumn leaves can clog up the gaps between deck boards. If leaves slip underneath a floating deck, the organic material will start to rot and introduce more moisture. Standing snow piles are also bad for a deck, so make sure you brush or shovel off anything landing on your deck throughout the winter months. 

Winter deck maintenance is mostly about establishing a clean deck, so you have less to worry about once winter hits. By then, maintenance will be simple and routine. For more tips on how to maintain your deck, gutters, and roof, contact us today.

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