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Keep Black Marks Off Your Shingled Rooftop

If you have an asphalt rooftop, it is possible black algae will grow on your shingles if you do not take steps to prevent this natural occurrence from taking place. It will become an eyesore, have negative impacts on your curb appeal, and could even grow further and damage your roof. Take a few steps to minimize the chance of black marks from appearing altogether to keep your asphalt shingles in the best condition.

exterior of open attic window with plant and discolored rooftop shingles

Keep Foliage Trimmed to Eliminate Debris Build-Up

If your home is located where trees are abundant, it will be necessary to keep tabs on the lengths of the branches at all times. If branches start to grow toward or over your rooftop, debris will be more likely to land and build up on your shingles. This debris will accumulate moisture around and underneath if not removed from promptly. You may even need to consider hiring a tree service to trim back branches each year to aid in keeping algae at bay.

Clean Your Asphalt Shingles Regularly

It is important to remove debris to help remove spores which will cause black algae markings to show up on your shingles. Use a roof broom to push all debris from your shingles on a routine basis. For further treatment, use a garden hose or pressure washer to remove caked-on debris. In addition, an asphalt cleaning agent made with bleach as part of the chemical composition will help in killing mold spores, so they do not expand on your shingles if atmospheric conditions are ripe for growth.

Add Gutters to Upper Levels

If you are constantly battling black markings with an appropriate cleaning agent, and you have more than one tier of roofing on your home, the lower levels will benefit from the addition of gutters on the tiers above. This will divert moisture and any debris washed away from the shingles to a downspout, rather than landing directly on the shingles below.

Make it a priority to clean out all gutters on your home frequently, especially after a storm passes. Failing to remove leaves, dirt, or sticks will cause water to push toward the shingles above the gutter system. This will make these shingles more susceptible to black algae problems.

Call a professional roofing company for assistance if you are unable to get atop your rooftop safely yourself. And for more information about black algae markings or to have your shingles repaired and replaced on your rooftop, contact us today.

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