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Tips on How to Choose the Best Gutter Color for Your Home

Gutters are a necessary part of your home, which is why we recommend and are dealers of Waterloov Gutter Guards. Think of it as preventative maintenance for your home. You will need to make sure that they're positioned correctly so that they do their job right. You don't want your home suffering from any foundation damage. Gutters clearly hang on the outside of your home, so you will want to choose a color that will compliment it.

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Our blog post from last week discusses why we sell Waterloov Gutter Guards, and this week we’ll share some insight on choosing the best gutter color for your home!

Gutter Material

You will need to consider the material of your gutters before you decide on a color. Some materials are designed to look a certain way and not be colored, and others come in more of a variety. We also have Waterloov Gutter Guards that are available in different colors. Not only will they effectively protect your gutters, but they can nearly vanish from view with the right color selection. The image below features the 18+ colors available for Waterloov Gutter Guards.

Waterloov Gutter Guard Color Options

Exterior Colors

You will definitely want to consider the exterior colors of your home, including the roof, the walls, and the trim. Many times people will match the gutters to the roof so that they blend in and are not easily seen. They will become more of just an extension of the roof when they're colored the same as it. In a similar aspect, you may want to color the gutters the same as the exterior walls of your home. You definitely don't want the two to clash. And if you're looking to do just the opposite, you can match the gutters to your home's trim as more of an accent to the curb appeal.


And never mind all of the material and color selections, because sometimes it just comes down to what you can afford. Standard colors may cost a great deal less than nontraditional colors.

Contact us today at Midwest Roofing for help with choosing the right gutters for your home!

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