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What is the Lifespan of a Roof?

Your roof is one of the most expensive components of your home. According to Angie's List, the average roof costs between $1,700 and $8,400, depending on the type of roofing material. It's understandable that you want your roof to last as long as possible. However, there is no one answer to how long a roof will last. The lifespan of your roof depends on the material you choose, the climate in your part of the country, and how well you maintain your roof.

What is the Lifespan of a Roof?

Lifespan of a Roof

  1. Materials. The lifespan of various roofing materials varies dramatically. An asphalt shingle roof has an average lifespan of around 20-25 years, whereas a metal roof can last for a half-century or longer. A slate roof can last for one hundred years.
  2. Climate. Climate directly affects the average lifespan of your roofing material. For example, here in the Midwest, frequent thunderstorms can loosen asphalt shingles and heavy rains can compromise wooden shingles.
  3. Maintenance. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of any roofing material. Keeping your gutters and drainage system clean, removing debris from the roof after storms, and having a professional get rid of any ice dams that form during the winter can all help keep your roof intact longer.
  4. Ventilation. Good ventilation is also important to your roof's integrity. Poor ventilation allows moisture to accumulate at the top of your home and cause the beams that support your roof to gradually deteriorate.

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