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Why We Sell Waterloov Gutter Guards

When it's time to add leaf guards or a gutter protection system to your home, Midwest Roofing recommends installing Waterloov Gutter Guards. Low to zero maintenance, good looks, and a revolutionary design are just a few reasons why we sell Waterloov Gutter Guards.

Waterloov Gutter Guard

How Waterloov Gutter Guards Work

Waterloov Gutter Guard LouversWaterloov Gutter Guards unique design allows water to enter the gutter system while keeping leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other debris out. Waterloov Gutter Guards uses two rows of staggered louvers that allows water to wash from the top of the gutter guard, down the wall of the guard and into the gutter. The louvers are designed to keep debris that is larger than 3/4” out of the gutter system. Debris that is smaller than 3/4” may still be able to enter the gutter. However, due to the swirling water effect caused by the louvers; this debris is quickly washed out of the gutter through the downspout before it has a chance to accumulate.

Waterloov Gutter Guards Add Curb Appeal

Most gutter protection systems detract from a home’s beauty due to their bulky appearance and tendency to allow debris to collect on top of the gutter. Furthermore, other gutter protection systems are only available in one or two colors which may clash with your home's color scheme. Waterloov Gutter Guards are designed to blend in with your existing roof and gutter system. Waterloov Gutter Guards are also available in a variety of colors that can match or compliment your home's existing gutters and roof.

Maintaining Your Waterloov Gutter Guards

Waterloov Gutter Guards are designed to be maintenance-free. The durable metal construction and advanced louver design means that virtually all debris washes away from the surface of the gutter guard. However, if your home is surrounded by trees or you live in an area with an unusual amount of windblown debris, your Waterloov Gutter Guards may need a simple cleaning once or twice a year.
Maintenance of your Waterloov Gutter Guards is easily performed using a brush with a telescopic handle. Simply walk around the exterior of your home and use the brush to remove debris from your Waterloov Gutter Guards. That's all there is to it, no ladders, no walking on the roof, and no need to change into work clothes. No other gutter protection system is as easy to maintain as the Waterloov Gutter Guard.

Midwest Roofing is proud to be the exclusive dealer and installer of Waterloov Gutter Guards in Missouri. For more information about Waterloov Gutter Guards or to schedule a free estimate, please contact us.

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