Our Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Roofing GuaranteeAt Midwest Roofing we take a lot of pride in our industry, and we work hard researching and perfecting a roof system that will stand up to the Missouri weather and protect your home and family for years to come. We know when it comes down to hiring a roofing contractor it's about trust, reputation and who you feel comfortable with. We thank you for that trust and will always work hard to prove that you made the right decision by standing behind all of our workmanship. Our commitment to you is simple but sincere, we stand behind all or our workmanship for the full life of your new roof. Whether you live in Jefferson City, Lake Ozark, Lebanon or anywhere in between, our team of expert installers will get your roof up in no time!


    • 30 Year Duration: limited warranty with 10-year non-prorated
    • 30 Year Duration with Preferred Protection: limited lifetime warranty with 50-year non-prorated
    • 25 Year Supreme: 25-year warranty with 5-year non-prorated
    • 25 Year Supreme with Preferred Protection: 25-year warranty with 15-year non-prorated

Midwest Roofing Workmanship

    • 30 Year Duration: 20-year labor warranty
    • 30 Year Duration with Preferred Protection: 30-year labor warranty
    • 25 Year Supreme: 10-year labor warranty
    • 25 Year Supreme with Preferred Protection: 15-year labor warranty


Workmanship warranty includes the following:

If you would like, Midwest Roofing will visit your home on 3 separate occasions during the labor warranty period to inspect and evaluate the condition of your new roof. Midwest Roofing will also clean all loose debris from roof surface and gutters to ensure all components of your new roof system are performing properly.

You will receive no charge for any service calls caused by faulty labor. If you feel there has been any damage done as a result of our workmanship, we'll come out and inspect our work, and all service calls needed because of something we did will be absolutely covered by Midwest Roofing. We aim to treat all of our client relationships fairly and honestly. 

Midwest Roofing will repair any damage to the outside of your home as well as the inside of your home in the case of any faulty workmanship at no cost to you!

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